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Voglia di Pasta P2001/2

Revolutionary automatic pasta cooker. Equipped with extractor hood. It can be the solution for those who don't have or cannot install external extractor hood.*
First courses in 1 minute

Pasta cooker, 150 first courses in 1 hour!


With the new pasta cooker "Voglia di Pasta", genuine “Al Dente” Italian pasta can always be guaranteed, in just 23,62 inches, and completely automatic, WITHOUT the need of SKILLED STAFF.

In just 23,62 inches of space, the pasta cooker allows you to prepare 150 first courses in just one hour.

The changes made to the new 2015 version, make the pasta cooker P2001/2 even more efficient than previous versions of the pasta cooker machines.



With the new pasta cooker "Voglia di Pasta", a first course, previously exclusive to restaurants, can be served in any type of premises, from a bar to a pizzeria, from sandwich bar to an equipped van, from a kiosk to a pub.


The new product, thanks to advanced technology, enables you to prepare, in just a few minutes, excellent first course of pasta. All that is required is just a counter and an electrical socket. The pasta cooker comes in two versions: the smaller, with two baskets, it is able to prepare up to 150 first courses of pasta in 1 hour in just 23,62" width. The larger, with four baskets, is recommended for high output and it is able to prepare up to 300 portions in just one hour.


Our fully automatic pasta cooker "Voglia di Pasta" enables considerable savings in labor: you just load the pasta into the basket and press a button. It is equipped with an automatic bain-marie, and a patented vapor extraction system, offers the possibility of serving up to four different sauces. The bain-marie’s peculiarity of having the fissures on the trays means that the condensation generated by the bain-marie reintegrates with the water within the sauce tray which would inevitably evaporate due to heating.


The sauces do not dry out with the bain marie patented by Stima


Features pasta cooker "Voglia di Pasta" P2001/2

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Voglia di Pasta pasta cooker machine prepares pasta dishes   




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