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VP2 Evolution 17.7

Pizza oven equipped with extractor hood. It can be the solution for those who don't have or cannot install external extractor hood.* 
2 pizzas in 2 minutes

In the 2015 version, the VP2 Evolution range, as well as other important innovations, now has a new feature: the self-cleaning! In fact from now you can clean your oven by pressing just one button! Stima engineers have made an important innovation that, exploiting the phenomenon of pyrolysis, allows the cleaning of the oven in a fully automatic way. Contact us for more information!


Pizza oven 17.7 mainly originates for the American market. This revolutionary pizza oven allows the baking of 2 crispy and tasty 16-inch pizzas in just 26,4 inches of space and in just 2 minutes of time

The new Line of Evolution Electrics Pizza Ovens represent the leading edge technology applied to pizza ovens and other technical characteristics that make the oven very efficient.

Thanks to the use of firestone and to a sophisticated electronic management system, we can ensure excellent baking; specifically, we obtain a final product practically equal to that which is achieved with the traditional method of baking using a wood oven.

The pizza oven VP2 Evolution 17.7 is ideal for baking pizza with fresh dough and also for pre-cooked and frozen pizza bases.


Why you should choose Stima electric pizza oven:

  • It is equipped with a Carbon Activated Filter
  • Baking chambers are reinforced to prevent warping at very high temperatures
  • 842 Fahrenheit Maximum Temperature
  • Excellent insulation enhances performance and reduces power consumption only 1 kw / hour in Stand by mode
  • Easy to Use Electronic temperature & timers controls with interactive graphics. Overall Computation of products baked gives you overview of production and control of your business
    All appreciation srl pasta machines and pizza ovens are entirely made in Italy
    Our technical office pays particular attention to the subject of plastics, in particular all of our machines are made of 95% stainless steel, a notoriously highly recyclable material


Ideal for Bars, Kiosks, Sandwich bars


Pizza oven that ensure high performance with very low power consumption

Pizza oven 17.7, thanks to its power, combined with very low energy costs and its ability to mantein the heat still high inside the baking chambers, it offers a final product of high quality and goodness. 

The pizza oven 17.7 is able to offer in a few minutes really excellent performance with really reduced power consumption. 

The pizza oven VP2 Evolution 17.7, and all our our entire range of pizza ovens, are fitted with extractor hood with active charcoal filter which have the purpose to retain the fumes and any unpleasant odors caused by the product that it may accidentally fall on the stone.

Electric pizza oven for bar has 2 chambers with stainless steel walls and refractory stone bases.

Through the use of incoloy heating elements and the issue of infrared rays, italian pizza oven with extractor hood can quickly and homogeneously bake up to 2 pizzas.

Thanks to its compact size and low power consumption, Stima pizza ovens perfectly adapt to the new demands of a modern commercial business.


Electric pizza oven is a pizza oven with extractor hood. Revolutionary pizza oven that reproduces the quality of the traditional wood-fired oven. Active charcoal pizza oven is a must for bar equipment.


Pizza oven equipped with customized electronic panel, view on the display the number of pizzas baked



A revolutionary pizza oven!

Thanks to our revolutionary cooking system controlled by a microprocessor of latest generation, thanks to the insulation of the baking chambers and through the use of refractory stone designed specifically for our pizza ovens, you can ensure exceptional cooking results with very low power consumption. Specifically, you can get a cooking product identical to that of the wood-burning oven.


The pizza oven VP2 Evolution 17.7 reach a maximum temperature of 450 degrees actual, and it is for this reason that great attention has been paid to the choice of stainless steel. In fact the high temperature of the oven can, with time, damage the texture of a normal steel used by the vast majority of ovens on the market. Instead, our steel and the structure of our rooms of firings are designed to allow a great reliability in the time, ensuring the same insulation of temperature from the first day of use.


The pizza oven VP2 Evolution 17.7, version 2015, thanks to the improvements made, it is more efficient than previous versions.



equipment of pizza oven for bar and restaurants



pizza oven for food service






Pizza oven that prepares pizzas of all kinds



active charcoal pizza oven









-Complying with UL for the U.S. market-