From 1995 Stima S.r.l. was born and produce revolutionary machines and equipment for preparing quality dishes and foods.

The Stima machines are designed, engineered and produced exclusively in Italy in the Stima headquarters of Agliana (Pistoia) in Tuscany just a few minutes from Florence.

For over 20 years Stima S.r.l. is leder in the production of machines for the fast food. We produce pasta cooker, highly innovative and great performance pizza ovens, fryers and induction plates that don’t require skilled labor.

Our company operates in an area of ​​about 2000 m/q and has a sales and technical support throughout Italy and in Europe, particularly France, Germany, Spain, North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.


Our mission is to create innovative, functional and profitable machinery that are able to prepare quality food in a few minutes in all those places that have space requirements and who have no kitchen facilities. For this reason, all our devices are equipped with extractor hood and can thus represent the ideal solution for those who do not have or can not install external extractor hood.

Particular attention is paid to the electronic parts of our machines which are very reliable and robust; all the electronic parts are made with SMD technology.

Our company uses the most advanced technologies, in particular all the machinery are made from 90% polished stainless steel and all parts are laser cut.

Strong of long-established professional experience in the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for fast food, Stima S.r.l. offers a line of products to suit all needs.

Thanks to Stima machines, bars, sandwich shops, kiosks, pubs, pizzerias, beach resorts, wine shops, delis, grocery stores, supermarkets, can prepare pasta dishes, pizzas, fries, wraps, grilled vegetables and other delicious meals in minutes and of the same quality of the restaurants without the need for specialized personnel.

Specifically Stima machines are divided into:

Today Stima S.r.l. is a leading producer of machines for the fast food and it is present for years in the most important international trade fairs. The numerous awards that we have obtained in national and international fairs attest to the quality of our work. Today the company is managed by its founders and employs numerous employees and great professionalism collaborators.In addition to the european market, we are present with own distributors and dealers in USA, Australia, New Zeland, South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil. From many years our company  is present in the African continent with an extensive distribution network of sales and technical assistance. The company Latina’s Food is able to offer all the services sales, distribution and technical assistance that enable customers to exploit the full potential of our products.

All appreciation srl pasta machines and pizza ovens are entirely made in Italy
Our technical office pays particular attention to the subject of plastics, in particular all of our machines are made of 95% stainless steel, a notoriously highly recyclable material.

Four à pizza


Alcuni commercianti di merci contraffatte cercheranno di convincere i consumatori offrendo uno sconto sui prezzi applicati da Stima srl (talvolta non abbastanza basso da creare sospetti), dichiarando che stanno vendendo prodotti “originali“, “autentici” e in “garanzia“. Attenzione – se un affare sembra troppo vantaggioso per essere reale.


I numeri che compaiono sulla friggitrice, il forno o il cuocipasta originale, li puoi usare per verificare l’autenticità del prodotto. 

plaques à induction

Con i nostri forni Revolution guadagni subito grazie al risparmio energetico

Oggi più che mai il consumo energetico dell’attrezzatura in un’attività professionale è sempre più determinante. Con i nostri macchinari riesci a risparmiare fino all’80% del costo energetico della tua attività rispetto all’attrezzatura che stai usando, perfetto per toast, panini, hamburger, lasagne… non solo pizza.

Solo con i nuovi modelli Revolution

Per esempio con il nostro forno VP2 Revolution potresti risparmiare fino a 3.000 euro annui, rispetto a un forno delle stesse capacità di produzione

Non solo, con i nostri forni sostituirai anche piastre e scalda-panini

Compila il questionario e ti contatteremo per calcolare insieme il tuo risparmio energetico