Professional pizza ovens equipped with an extractor hood.

The solution for those who do not have or cannot install the flue.

We are pleased to present the new version of our ovens: Revolution model


Thanks to an increased insulation compared to the previous version, energy savings reaches levels never seen before: 800w/h stand by for 520 degrees.

Pizza Oven VP1

Forno pizza vp1

Pizza Oven VP2 Revolution

Forno pizza

Pizza Oven VP2 Revolution XL

Forno pizza

Pizza Oven VP3 Revolution

Forno pizza

Pizza Oven VP3 Revolution XL

Forno pizza

Oven VP Chef

Forno pizza

Oven VP chef XL

Forno pizza

Revolution is a new cooking system that allows you to quickly cook any type of food.

Ideal for pizza, sandwiches, toast, bread, but not only, thanks to the homogeneous and performing cooking the new REVOLUTION version cooks in a shorter time and with high quality also meat, fish, vegetables, lasagne, crespelle, etc

Revolution has a programmable temperature up to 520 degrees for a schock cooking, decisive for an exceptional quality of the inserted product.

Low consumption and high performance make this version ideal for those who want maximum performance with minimal energy consumption.

Remember that providing machinery with low energy consumption is increasingly fundamental: reducing the cost of electricity becomes essential in the management of commercial activity.

It is worth remembering that the consumption of electricity, or rather, upstream, its production, naturally involves the use of fossil fuels and other pollutants which, given the toxicity of emissions, have a considerable environmental impact. It follows that, after the debate on renewable energy sources, there are many environmental and clinical effects resulting from the consumption of electricity.

REVOLUTION respects the environment and your wallet.