Pizza Oven VP1

Pizza oven equipped with extractor hood.
Realize the dream of making pizza like in a pizzeria, but at your home! The solution for those who do not have or cannot install the flue.

Realize the dream of making pizza like in a pizzeria, but at your home! The solution for those who do not have or cannot install the flue.

1 pizza in 1 minute

Rental Formula

It costs you less than a pizza a day…

Not only Pizza!

Our electric ovens are flexible for any type of dish to be cooked in the oven, such as typical dishes of gastronomy (lasagna, cannelloni ecc..)

The new range of Evolution Electric pizza ovens offers the maximum in technology for pizza ovens.
With the VP2 Evolution pizza oven, you can cook 1 delicious pizza in just 2 minutes that only takes up 63 cm of space.
Thanks to the use of refractory stone and the sophisticated electronic management system, exceptional cooking results can be ensured. In particular, an end product is obtained that is practically identical to that obtained with the traditional method of cooking with wood.
Due to their small size and low consumption, Stima electric pizza ovens are perfect for the needs of a modern public company.
The VP2 Evolution pizza oven is ideal both for cooking raw pizzas and for cooking pre-cooked and frozen pizza bases, which today represent the new way of designing a modern pizzeria.

Thanks to the chamber height of 14 cm, the new VP / 1 oven is also ideal for cooking all kinds of food such as bread, potatoes, roasts, baked noodles, etc

Why should you choose the Stima electric pizza oven?

All appreciation srl pasta machines and pizza ovens are entirely made in Italy Our technical office pays particular attention to the subject of plastics, in particular all of our machines are made of 95% stainless steel, a notoriously highly recyclable material

Electric oven for pizza and professional cooking, with very high performance with reduced energy consumption!

Our twenty years of experience in the production of electric ovens has led us to create an oven that has low energy costs and that allows you to cook and prepare delicious pizzas in just a few minutes.
In addition to this, the VP1 pizza oven also has the ability to keep the heat inside the chambers constantly high, thus ensuring a very high quality of the final product.

Our electric pizza oven for bars is equipped with 1 chamber with stainless steel walls and refractory stone top. Thanks to the use of Incoloy heating elements and the emission of infrared rays, our ventless pizza oven is able to cook very quickly and evenly.

A Revolutionary electric oven that reproduces the quality of the wood oven.

Activated carbon pizza oven is a must for bar equipment.

Oven technical specification VP:

  • Chamber dimension: 41 cm x 36 cm x 14 cm / 16,14″ x 14,17″ x 3,54″
  • Width: 63 cm / 24,8″
  • Depth: 45 cm +10 cm / 17,62″ + 3,94″
  • Height: 41 cm / 19,29″
  • Weight: 37 kg / 101,41lb
  • Voltage: 208 – 240 V – 50/60 Hz

A revolutionary pizza oven!

Thanks to our revolutionary cooking system, controlled by a latest generation microprocessor, thanks to the insulation system of the cooking chambers and thanks to the use of the refractory stone specially developed for our pizza ovens, exceptional cooking results can be ensured with high consumption. Bass. In particular, it is possible to obtain a cooking of the product that is practically identical to that of the wood stove.

The Stima pizza ovens reach a maximum temperature of 450° C, which is why great attention was paid to the choice of stainless steel. In fact, over time, the high temperature of the furnace can affect the consistency of a normal steel used by the vast majority of furnaces on the market. Instead, our steel and the structure of our cooking chambers are designed to provide high reliability over time and ensure the same temperature insulation from day one.

Rental Formula

It costs you less than a pizza a day…

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Four à pizza


Alcuni commercianti di merci contraffatte cercheranno di convincere i consumatori offrendo uno sconto sui prezzi applicati da Stima srl (talvolta non abbastanza basso da creare sospetti), dichiarando che stanno vendendo prodotti “originali“, “autentici” e in “garanzia“. Attenzione – se un affare sembra troppo vantaggioso per essere reale.


I numeri che compaiono sulla friggitrice, il forno o il cuocipasta originale, li puoi usare per verificare l’autenticità del prodotto. 

plaques à induction

Con i nostri forni Revolution guadagni subito grazie al risparmio energetico

Oggi più che mai il consumo energetico dell’attrezzatura in un’attività professionale è sempre più determinante. Con i nostri macchinari riesci a risparmiare fino all’80% del costo energetico della tua attività rispetto all’attrezzatura che stai usando, perfetto per toast, panini, hamburger, lasagne… non solo pizza.

Solo con i nuovi modelli Revolution

Per esempio con il nostro forno VP2 Revolution potresti risparmiare fino a 3.000 euro annui, rispetto a un forno delle stesse capacità di produzione

Non solo, con i nostri forni sostituirai anche piastre e scalda-panini

Compila il questionario e ti contatteremo per calcolare insieme il tuo risparmio energetico