SpeedyChef Touch

Revolutionary cooking machine with induction plate: first courses, second courses, risottos, paellas, fries and more!
Particularly suitable for cooking and frying various foods.

Rental Formula

It costs you less than a pizza a day…

The Speedy Chef machine with induction technology was created to meet the needs of those places that for reasons of space , cannot install a restaurant kitchen. Thanks to the induction of the latest generation, Speedy Chef can fry and cook any food.

Particularly suitable for frying potato chips, fried fish, fried stuffed olives, fried meat like chops, fried vegetables etc. Thanks to the power of the induction plate, frying is always crisp and never oily. The result is a product more tasty for your clienti. 
Thanks to the advantages of the induction, the power consumption is very low.

Frying has never been so quick and easy
The latest changes to the Speedy Chef machine, in its new version 2015, make the machine even more efficient than previous models.

Controlled cooking

Speedy Chef allows rapid variation in temperature. Set 70 degrees and in a just few second goes to 100/200/220 and then returns back to 70 degrees at the same speed. 

When the high frequency current passes through the coil, a magnetic field is created. The magnetic force penetrates the molecules of the pot creating an infinite number of movements that generate heat. The technology of this plate minimizes the dispersion and loss of energy.

Easy to clean

The induction plate’s smooth and constant cold surface, enables it to be easily be cleaned with a normal sponge.


With Speedy Chef greatly decrease the cooking time, with the induction technology will have a yield of about 50% higher compared to conventional heating systems.


Make the most of the energy absorbed. Speedy Chef passes 90% of power consumption to the pot, making cooking extremely fast. Whilst other sources of heat, disperse nearly 50% of energy consumption into the environment and consequently cooking is slower and less effective.


Speedy Chef only consumes when working. In just a few seconds you emanate maximum power.


Cooking can be very delicate or very vivacious. The hob has 7 LEVELS of power so as to, easily and quickly, carry out any sort of cooking. With induction one can carry out all the more delicate cooking procedures eg. melting chocolate without it sticking or solidify or, at maximum power, it can grill, fry or boil in an instant.

Machine for frying

The machine for frying is equipped with advanced microprocessor control systems.

Rental Formula

It costs you less than a pizza a day…

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